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    Social contents in dreams: An empirical test of the Social Simulation Theory.Jarno Tuominen, Tuula Stenberg, Antti Revonsuo & Katja Valli - 2019 - Consciousness and Cognition 69 (C):133-145.
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    Self-Control in Responsibility Enhancement and Criminal Rehabilitation.Polaris Koi, Susanne Uusitalo & Jarno Tuominen - 2018 - Criminal Law and Philosophy 12 (2):227-244.
    Ethicists have for the past 20 years debated the possibility of using neurointerventions to improve intelligence and even moral capacities, and thereby create a safer society. Contributing to a recent debate concerning neurointerventions in criminal rehabilitation, Nicole Vincent and Elizabeth Shaw have separately discussed the possibility of responsibility enhancement. In their ethical analyses, enhancing a convict’s capacity responsibility may be permissible. Both Vincent and Shaw consider self-control to be one of the constituent mental capacities of capacity responsibility. In this paper, (...)
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    Viral simulations in dreams: The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on threatening dream content in a Finnish sample of diary dreams.Ville Loukola, Jarno Tuominen, Santeri Kirsilä, Annimaaria Kyyhkynen, Maron Lahdenperä, Lilja Parkkali, Emilia Ranta, Eveliina Malinen, Sanni Vanhanen, Katariina Välimaa, Henri Olkoniemi, Antti Revonsuo & Katja Valli - 2024 - Consciousness and Cognition 119 (C):103651.
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    The dynamics of affect across the wake-sleep cycle: From waking mind-wandering to night-time dreaming.Pilleriin Sikka, Katja Valli, Antti Revonsuo & Jarno Tuominen - 2021 - Consciousness and Cognition 94 (C):103189.
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    Decisions under uncertainty are more messy than they seem.Jarno Tuominen - 2023 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 46:e109.
    Conviction Narrative Theory (CNT) is conceptually so multifaceted as to make critical evaluation difficult. It also omits one course of action: Active engagement with the world. Parsing the developmental and mechanistic processes within CNT would allow for a rigorous research programme to put the account under test. I propose a unifying account based on active inference.
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