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    A viewpoint-independent process for spatial reorientation.Marko Nardini, Rhiannon L. Thomas, Victoria C. P. Knowland, Oliver J. Braddick & Janette Atkinson - 2009 - Cognition 112 (2):241-248.
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    Children reorient using the left/right sense of coloured landmarks at 18–24 months.Marko Nardini, Janette Atkinson & Neil Burgess - 2008 - Cognition 106 (1):519-527.
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    The Developing Visual Brain.Janette Atkinson - 2002 - Oxford University Press UK.
    ''As a text in developmental psychology the book is excellent, and this lower-priced paperback version will be snapped up by psychology students.'' -European NeurologyOne of the most dramatic areas of development in early human life is that of vision. Whereas vision plays a relatively minor role in the world of the newborn infant, by 6 months it has assumed the position as a dominant sense and forms the basis of later perceptual, cognitive, and social development. From a world leader in (...)
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    Neural Differences between Covert and Overt Attention Studied using EEG with Simultaneous Remote Eye Tracking.Louisa V. Kulke, Janette Atkinson & Oliver Braddick - 2016 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 10.
  5. Workshop participants.Janette Atkinson, Edoardo Bisiach, Oliver Braddick, Bill Brewer, Michele Brouchon, Peter Bryant, George Butterworth, John Campbell, Bill Child & Lynn A. Cooper - 1993 - In Naomi Eilan, Rosaleen A. McCarthy & Bill Brewer (eds.), Spatial Representation: Problems in Philosophy and Psychology. Blackwell. pp. 400.
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    Gap effects on saccadic latency in infants and children.Janette Atkinson & Bruce Hood - 1993 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 16 (3):568-569.
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    Properties of human visual orientation detectors: A new approach using patterned afterimages.Janette Atkinson - 1973 - Journal of Experimental Psychology 98 (1):55.
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