1.  21
    Oxytocin Enhances the Neural Efficiency of Social Perception.Rachael Tillman, Ilanit Gordon, Adam Naples, Max Rolison, James F. Leckman, Ruth Feldman, Kevin A. Pelphrey & James C. McPartland - 2019 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 13.
  2.  10
    Social Motivation in Autism: Gaps and Directions for Measurement of a Putative Core Construct.Cara M. Keifer, Gabriel S. Dichter, James C. McPartland & Matthew D. Lerner - 2019 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 42.
    This commentary highlights the observation that social motivation is usually an imprecisely specified construct. We suggest four social motivation conceptualizations across levels of analysis and explore where the target article situates among these. We then offer theoretical and practical guidance for operationalization and measurement of social motivation to support more comprehensive future research on this complex construct in the autism literature.
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    Contrast Is in the Eye of the Beholder: Infelicitous Beat Gesture Increases Cognitive Load During Online Spoken Discourse Comprehension.Laura M. Morett, Jennifer M. Roche, Scott H. Fraundorf & James C. McPartland - 2020 - Cognitive Science 44 (10).
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