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    Models of the Cerebellum and Motor Learning.James C. Houk, Jay T. Buckingham & Andrew G. Barto - 1996 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 19 (3):368-383.
    This article reviews models of the cerebellum and motor learning, from the landmark papers by Marr and Albus through those of the present time. The unique architecture of the cerebellar cortex is ideally suited for pattern recognition, but how is pattern recognition incorporated into motor control and learning systems? The present analysis begins with a discussion of exactly what the cerebellar cortex needs to regulate through its anatomically defined projections to premotor networks. Next, we examine various models showing how the (...)
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    Reciprocity Between the Cerebellum and the Cerebral Cortex: Nonlinear Dynamics in Microscopic Modules for Generating Voluntary Motor Commands.Jun Wang, Gregory Dam, Sule Yildirim, William Rand, Uri Wilensky & James C. Houk - 2008 - Complexity 14 (2):29-45.
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    Computational Significance of the Cellular Mechanisms for Synaptic Plasticity in Purkinje Cells.James C. Houk & Simon Alford - 1996 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 19 (3):457-461.
    The data on the cellular mechanism of LTD that is presented in four target articles is synthesized into a new model of Purkinje cell plasticity. This model attempts to address credit assignment problems that are crucial in learning systems. Intracellular signal transduction mechanisms may provide the mechanism for a 3-factor learning rule and a trace mechanism. The latter may permit delayed information about motor error to modify the prior synaptic events that caused the error. This model may help to focus (...)
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    More Models of the Cerebellum.James C. Houk & Andrew G. Barto - 1996 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 19 (3):492-496.
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    Respective Roles of Reflex-Gain Control and Reprogramming in Adaptive Motor Control.James C. Houk - 1982 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 5 (4):551-551.
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    Bursts of Discharge Recorded From the Red Nucleus May Provide Real Measures of Gottlieb's Excitation Pulses.James C. Houk - 1989 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 12 (2):224-225.