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    Philosophy of Education in a New Key: Future of Philosophy of Education.Liz Jackson, MichaelA Peters, Lei Chen, Zhongjing Huang, Wang Chengbing, Ezekiel Dixon-Román, Aislinn O'Donnell, Yasushi Maruyama, Lisa A. Mazzei, Alison Jones, Candace R. Kuby, Rowena Azada-Palacios, Elizabeth Adams St Pierre, Jacoba Matapo, Gina A. Opiniano, Peter Roberts, Michael Hand, Alecia Y. Jackson, Jerry Rosiek, Te Kawehau Hoskins, Kathy Hytten & Marek Tesar - 2022 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 54 (8):1234-1255.
    What is the future of Philosophy of education? Or as many of scholars and thinkers in this final ‘future-focused’ collective piece from the philosophy of education in a new key Series put it, what are the futures—plural and multiple—of the intersections of ‘philosophy’ and ‘education?’ What is ‘Philosophy’; and what is ‘Education’, and what role may ‘enquiry’ play? Is the future of education and philosophy embracing—or at least taking seriously—and thinking with Indigenous ethicoontoepistemologies? And, perhaps most importantly, what is that (...)
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    Engaging and Developing Community in Digital Spaces: Approaches From the Editorial Development Group.Onur Karamercan, Jacoba Matapo, Olivera Kamenarac, David Taufui Mikato Fa’Avae, Sonja Arndt, Ruth Irwin, Frans Kruger, Carl Mika, Mahaman Yaou Abdoul Bassidou, Marek Tesar & Pablo Del Monte - forthcoming - Educational Philosophy and Theory:1-13.
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    Situating Decolonization: An Indigenous Dilemma.Brian Martin, Georgina Stewart, Bruce Ka’imi Watson, Ola Keola Silva, Jeanne Teisina, Jacoba Matapo & Carl Mika - 2020 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 52 (3):312-321.
    Being Indigenous and operating in an institution such as a university places us in a complex position. The premise of decolonizing history, literature, curriculum, and thought in general creates a tenuous space for Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples to confront a shared colonial condition. What does decolonization mean for Indigenous peoples? Is decolonization an implied promise to squash the tropes of coloniality? Or is it a way for non-Indigenous people to create another paradigm or site for their own resistance or transgression (...)
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    What is Indigenous Research in Philosophy of Education? And What is PESA, From an Indigenous Perspective?Carl Mika, Georgina Stewart, Ka’imi Watson, Keola Silva, Brian Martin, Jacoba Matapo & Akata Galuvao - 2018 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 50 (8):733-739.