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James Wakefield
Cardiff University
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    Introduction.B. Haddock, R. Peters & J. R. M. Wakefield - 2020 - Collingwood and British Idealism Studies 26 (1-2):1-18.
  2. British Idealism and the Concept of the Self. [REVIEW]J. R. M. Wakefield - 2019 - Journal of Educational Theory 52:275–279.
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    Thinking and Feeling in Actual Idealism.J. R. M. Wakefield - 2018 - British Journal for the History of Philosophy 26 (4):782-801.
    In La filosofia dell’arte, Giovanni Gentile assigned a prominent new role to the sentiments. This change struck some critics as a major departure from the earlier, classic accounts of actual idealism, in which Gentile argued that thought and language comprise the entirety of reality. Sentiments do not fit cleanly into a theory so narrowly concerned with thought and thinking. Their introduction, runs the objection, only compounds certain existing ambiguities in Gentile’s conception of the relation between mind and world. This article (...)
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    The Free Spirit: Guido de Ruggiero on Actualism and Politics.J. R. M. Wakefield - 2020 - Collingwood and British Idealism Studies 26 (1-2):53-84.
    In this article I examine the metaphysical foundations of Guido de Ruggiero’s liberalism and ask what these can tell us about his changing view of Giovanni Gentile's actualism, which was such an influence on de Ruggiero before the First World War. I argue that de Ruggiero’s ‘actualism’ was never the same as Gentile’s, but was drawn from the same intellectual sources; that the actualist conception of free and self-conscious agency runs through both versions of the doctrine, though interpreted in different (...)
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