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    The nature of hemispheric specialization in man.J. L. Bradshaw & N. C. Nettleton - 1981 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 4 (1):51-63.
    The traditional verbal/nonverbal dichotomy is inadequate for completely describing cerebral lateralization. Musical functions are not necessarily mediated by the right hemisphere; evidence for a specialist left-hemisphere mechanism dedicated to the encoded speech signal is weakening, and the right hemisphere possesses considerable comprehensional powers. Right-hemisphere processing is often said to be characterized by holistic or gestalt apprehension, and face recognition may be mediated by this hemisphere partly because of these powers, partly because of the right hemisphere's involvement in emotional affect, and (...)
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    Coordinates of extrapersonal space.J. L. Bradshaw, N. C. Nettleton, J. M. Pierson, L. E. Wilson, G. Nathan & M. Jeannerod - 1987 - In M. Jeannerod (ed.), Neurophysiological and Neuropsychological Aspects of Spatial Neglect. Elsevier Science. pp. 41.
  3. Liu, Y., B21 Massey, C., B75 Mattingley, JB, 53 Melinger, A., B11 Meseguer, E., B1.J. L. Bradshaw, A. M. Burton, J. I. D. Campbell, K. Christianson, S. Dehaene, J. L. Elman, F. Ferreira, V. S. Ferreira, G. Gigerenzer & R. Jenkins - 2006 - Cognition 98:309.
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    Abnormal movements can be identified in “atypical” populations.J. G. Phillips, J. L. Bradshaw, M. J. Slavin & C. Pantelis - 1996 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 19 (1):84-85.