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    Squaring the circle: Teaching philosophical ethics in the military.J. Joseph Miller - 2004 - Journal of Military Ethics 3 (3):199-215.
    On 12 May 1962, a frail Douglas MacArthur delivered his final public speech to the cadets at the United States Military Academy. A West Point graduate himself, MacArthur served as Superintendent of...
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    J.S. Mill on Plural Voting, Competence and Participation.J. J. Miller - 2003 - History of Political Thought 24 (4):647-667.
    J.S. Mill's plural voting proposal in Considerations on Representative Government presents political theorists with a puzzle: the elitist proposal that some individuals deserve a greater voice than others seems at odds with Mill's repeated arguments for the value of full participation in government. This essay looks at Mill's arguments for plural voting, arguing that, far from being motivated solely by elitism, Mill's account is actually driven by a commitment to both competence and participation. It goes on to argue that, for (...)
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    Jus ad bellum and an Officer’s Moral Obligations.J. Joseph Miller - 2004 - Social Theory and Practice 30 (4):457-484.
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  4. Utilitarianism and Empire.David Theo Goldberg, H. S. Jones, Javed Majeed, J. Joseph Miller, Martha Nussbaum, Jennifer Pitts, Frederick Rosen & David Weinstein - 2005 - Lexington Books.
    The classical utilitarian legacy of Jeremy Bentham, J. S. Mill, James Mill, and Henry Sidgwick has often been charged with both theoretical and practical complicity in the growth of British imperialism and the emerging racialist discourse of the nineteenth century. But there has been little scholarly work devoted to bringing together the conflicting interpretive perspectives on this legacy and its complex evolution with respect to orientalism and imperialism. This volume, with contributions by leading scholars in the field, represents the first (...)
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    Don A. Habibi, John Stuart Mill and the Ethic of Human Growth, Dordrecht, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001, pp. vii + 289.J. Joseph Miller - 2003 - Utilitas 15 (1):119.
  6. Aristotle, the army, and abu ghraib : Torture and the limits of military virtue ethics.J. Joseph Miller - 2009 - International Journal of Ethics 6 (1):53-64.
  7. Aristotle, The Army and Abu Ghraib: Torture and the Limits of Military Virtue Ethics.J. Joseph Miller - 2008 - Ethics 6 (1):53-64.
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  8. C. L. Sheng, a defense of utilitarianism (dallas, texas: University press of America, 2004), pp. XI + 236.J. Joseph Miller - 2008 - Utilitas 20 (2):250-252.
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    Neither Whig nor Tory: A Philosophical Examination of Hume's Views on the Stuarts.J. Joseph Miller - 2002 - History of Philosophy Quarterly 19 (3):275 - 308.
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    No Title available: Book Reviews. [REVIEW]J. Joseph Miller - 2008 - Utilitas 20 (2):250-252.
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