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    Colin Falck. Myth, Truth and Literature: Towards a True Post-Modernism. Pp. Xix + 208. £27.50.Luke Gormally . Moral Truth and Moral Tradition: Essays in Honour of Peter Geach and Elizabeth Anscombe. Pp. 243. £35.00.Thomas F. Tracy, Ed. The God Who Acts. Pp. Xi + 148. $28.50 Hb, $14.95 Pb.Irena S. M. Makarushka. Religious Imagination and Language in Emerson and Nietzsche. Pp. Xviii + 133. £35.00.Weaver Santaniello. Nietzsche, God and the Jews. Pp. Xvi + 232. $17.95.Donald Wiebe. Beyond Legitimation: Essays on the Problem of Religious Knowledge. Pp. Xiii + 243. £40.00. [REVIEW]Brian R. Clack, C. J., B. P., H. P. & C. B. - 1995 - Religious Studies 31 (3):413.
  2. Iterability and the Order-Word Plateau: 'A Politics of the Performative' in Derrida and Deleuze/Guattari.C. J. - 2003 - Critical Horizons 4 (2):227-264.
    This paper offers a comparative analysis of the uses and formulations of speech-act theory in Derrida's and Deleuze/Guattari's work. It begins by juxtaposing Derrida's concept/nonconcept of 'iterability' to Deleuze and Guattari's conception of the 'order-word' and then examines these theories of the speech act in terms of their implications and consequences for a politics of resistance. Whereas Deleuze and Guattari generate a detailed material stratum — an order-word plateau — for exploring the performative in socio-political contexts, Derrida attends to the (...)
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  3.  12
    Sciences Sociales.Nicole Lemaître, Pierre-François Moreau, Tony Andréani, C. J., François Laplanche, Jean-Pierre Cléro, Jean-François Baillon & Claude Blanckaert - 1990 - Revue de Synthèse 111 (4):522-535.
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    The Philosophy of Science of A. S. Eddington. [REVIEW]C. H. J. - 1961 - Review of Metaphysics 14 (4):728-728.
    A revised version of an essay awarded first prize by the Institut International des Sciences Théoriques. Despite its title, the book is less concerned with Eddington than with the British epistemological tradition.--J. C. H.
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  5. Ideas of Heredity, Reproduction and Eugenics in Britain, 1800-1875.C. J. - 2001 - Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C: Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences 32 (3):457-489.
    In this paper I begin by arguing that there are significant intellectual and normative continuities between pre-Victorian hereditarianism and later Victorian eugenical ideologies. Notions of mental heredity and of the dangers of transmitting hereditary 'taints' were already serious concerns among medical practitioners and laymen in the early nineteenth century. I then show how the Victorian period witnessed an increasing tendency for these traditional concerns about hereditary transmission and the integrity of bloodlines to be projected onto the level of national health. (...)
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    Sex and Repression in Savage Society. By Bronislaw Malinowski. [REVIEW]C. F. J. - 1928 - Philosophy 3 (9):119.
  7. The Difficulty Here Is: To Stop.C. J. - 2000 - Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A 31 (3):551-557.