1.  59
    Society-in-the-loop: programming the algorithmic social contract.Iyad Rahwan - 2018 - Ethics and Information Technology 20 (1):5-14.
    Recent rapid advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have raised many questions about the regulatory and governance mechanisms for autonomous machines. Many commentators, scholars, and policy-makers now call for ensuring that algorithms governing our lives are transparent, fair, and accountable. Here, I propose a conceptual framework for the regulation of AI and algorithmic systems. I argue that we need tools to program, debug and maintain an algorithmic social contract, a pact between various human stakeholders, mediated by machines. To achieve (...)
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    Laying the foundations for a World Wide Argument Web.Iyad Rahwan, Fouad Zablith & Chris Reed - 2007 - Artificial Intelligence 171 (10-15):897-921.
  3.  31
    Behavioral Experiments for Assessing the Abstract Argumentation Semantics of Reinstatement.Iyad Rahwan, Mohammed I. Madakkatel, Jean-François Bonnefon, Ruqiyabi N. Awan & Sherief Abdallah - 2010 - Cognitive Science 34 (8):1483-1502.
    Argumentation is a very fertile area of research in Artificial Intelligence, and various semantics have been developed to predict when an argument can be accepted, depending on the abstract structure of its defeaters and defenders. When these semantics make conflicting predictions, theoretical arbitration typically relies on ad hoc examples and normative intuition about what prediction ought to be the correct one. We advocate a complementary, descriptive-experimental method, based on the collection of behavioral data about the way human reasoners handle these (...)
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  4. Dialogue games that agents play within a society.Nishan C. Karunatillake, Nicholas R. Jennings, Iyad Rahwan & Peter McBurney - 2009 - Artificial Intelligence 173 (9-10):935-981.
  5.  17
    Towards Scalable Governance: Sensemaking and Cooperation in the Age of Social Media.Iyad Rahwan - 2017 - Philosophy and Technology 30 (2):161-178.
    Cybernetics, or self-governance of animal and machine, requires the ability to sense the world and to act on it in an appropriate manner. Likewise, self-governance of a human society requires groups of people to collectively sense and act on their environment. I argue that the evolution of political systems is characterized by a series of innovations that attempt to solve two ‘scalability’ problems: scaling up a group’s ability to make sense of an increasingly complex world, and to cooperate in increasingly (...)
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  6. Introducing Argument & Computation.Guillermo R. Simari, Chris Reed, Iyad Rahwan & Floriana Grasso - 2010 - Argument and Computation 1 (1):1-5.
    Over the past decade or so, a new interdisciplinary field has emerged in the ground between, on the one hand, computer science – and artificial intelligence in particular – and, on the other, the area of philosophy concentrating on the language and structure of argument. There are now hundreds of researchers worldwide who would consider themselves a part of this nascent community. Various terms have been proposed for the area, including "Computational Dialectics," "Argumentation Technology," and "Argument-based Computing," but the term (...)
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    Special issue on argumentation in multi-agent systems.Katie Atkinson, Federico Cerutti, Peter McBurney, Simon Parsons & Iyad Rahwan - 2016 - Argument and Computation 7 (2-3):109-112.
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