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  1. Indoctrination and Education.Ivan Snook - 1972 - Boston: Routledge and Kegan Paul.
    Introduction 'Indoctrination' belongs to a family of concepts which includes ' teaching', 'education', 'instruction', and 'learning'. ...
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  2. Concepts of Indoctrination: Philosophical Essays.Ivan Snook - 1972 - Boston: Routledge and Kegan Paul.
    Gatchel, R. H. The evolution of the concept.--Wilson, J. Indoctrination and rationality.--Green, T. F. Indoctrination and beliefs.--Kilpatrick, W. H. Indoctrination and respect for persons.--Atkinson, R. F. Indoctrination and moral education.--Flew, A. Indoctrination and doctrines.--Moore, W. Indoctrination and democratic method.--Wilson, J. Indoctrination and freedom.--Flew, A. Indoctrination and religion.-- White, J. P. Indoctrination and intentions.--Crittenden, B. S. Indoctrination as mis-education.--Snook, I. A. Indoctrination and moral responsibility.--Gregory, I. M. M. and Woods, R. G. Indoctrination: inculcating doctrines.-- White, J. P. Indoctrination without doctrines?
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    Educational Neuroscience: A Plea for Radical Scepticism.Ivan Snook - 2012 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 44 (5):445-449.
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    Education and Rights.Ivan Snook - 1979 - International Scholarly Book Services.
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    The Ethical Teacher.Ivan Snook - 2003 - Dunmore Press.
    "This book proposes the model of the 'ethical teacher' - one who understands both the moral purpose of education and the importance of viewing the process of teaching as basically ethical in nature." --book cover.
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    Respectability and Relevance: Reflections on Richard Peters and Analytic Philosophy of Education.Ivan Snook - 2013 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 45 (2):191-201.
    I argue that, after Dewey, Peters was the first modern philosopher of education to write material (in English) that was both philosophically respectable and relevant to the day-to-day concerns of teachers. Since then, some philosophers of education have remained (more or less) relevant but not really respectable while others have ?taken off into the skies? learning acclaim from the philosophical community but ceasing to produce anything which would be of any relevance to teachers in their work. I suggest that Peters (...)
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    Democracy and Education in a Monetarist Society.Ivan Snook - 1995 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 27 (1):55–68.
  8. Patricia Werhane and Alan Singer, Business Ethics in Theory and Practice.Ivan Snook - 2001 - Teaching Business Ethics 5 (2):231-233.
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    Reflections on Pesa: 1969–2009.Ivan Snook - 2009 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 41 (7):757-760.
  10. Ronald J. Schlinder, The Frankfurt School Critique of Capitalist Culture.Ivan Snook - 1997 - Teaching Business Ethics 1 (3):344-345.
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    Richard Peters: A Personal Reflection.Ivan Snook - 2012 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 44 (3):235-235.
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    The Relations of Philosophy of Education to Aesthetic EducationPhilosophy of Education: An Organization of Topics and Selected Sources.Ralph A. Smith, Harry S. Broudy, Michael J. Parsons, Ivan A. Snook & Ronald D. Szoke - 1969 - Journal of Aesthetic Education 3 (2):161.
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  13. The Curriculum: The Timeless and the Time-Bound.Ivan Snook - 1993 - In Paul Heywood Hirst, Robin Barrow & Patricia White (eds.), Beyond Liberal Education: Essays in Honour of Paul H. Hirst. Routledge. pp. 94.
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    Democracy, Equality and Education in a Bi‐Cultural Society.Ivan Snook - 1995 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 27 (2):1–14.
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    Contexts and Essences: Indoctrination Revisited.Ivan Snook - 1989 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 21 (1):62-65.