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    Big Data and the Emergence of Zemblanity and Self-Fulfilling Prophecies.Ricardo Peraça Cavassane, Itala M. Loffredo D'Ottaviano & Felipe Sobreira Abrahão - manuscript
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    Aristotle’s Theory of Deduction and Paraconsistency.Evandro Luís Gomes & Itala M. Loffredo D'Ottaviano - 2010 - Principia: An International Journal of Epistemology 14 (1):71–97.
    In the Organon Aristotle describes some deductive schemata in which inconsistencies do not entail the trivialization of the logical theory involved. This thesis is corroborated by three different theoretical topics by him discussed, which are presented in this paper. We analyse inference schema used by Aristotle in the Protrepticus and the method of indirect demonstration for categorical syllogisms. Both methods exemplify as Aristotle employs classical reductio ad absurdum strategies. Following, we discuss valid syllogisms from opposite premises (contrary and contradictory) studied (...)
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  3. " Cogito ergo sum non machina!" About Gödel's first incompleteness theorem and turing machines.Ricardo Pereira Tassinari & Itala M. Loffredo D'Ottaviano - 2007 - Cogito 7:3.
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    Paraconsistent Logics and Translations.Itala M. Loffredo D'Ottaviano & Hércules de A. Feitosa - 2000 - Synthese 125 (1/2):77 - 95.
    In 1999, da Silva, D'Ottaviano and Sette proposed a general definition for the term translation between logics and presented an initial segment of its theory. Logics are characterized, in the most general sense, as sets with consequence relations and translations between logics as consequence-relation preserving maps. In a previous paper the authors introduced the concept of conservative translation between logics and studied some general properties of the co-complete category constituted by logics and conservative translations between them. In this paper we (...)
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    CLE/SBL 25 Years XIII Brazilian Logic Conference.Itala M. Loffredo D'Ottaviano - 2004 - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 10 (4):594-595.
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    Analytical tableaux for da Costa's hierarchy of paraconsistent logics Cn, 1≤n<ω.Itala M. Loffredo D'Ottaviano & Milton Augustinis de Castro - 2005 - Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics 15 (1):69-103.
    In this paper we present a new hierarchy of analytical tableaux systems TNDC n, 1≤n (...))
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