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    Walking dreams in congenital and acquired paraplegia.Marie-Thérèse Saurat, Maité Agbakou, Patricia Attigui, Jean-Louis Golmard & Isabelle Arnulf - 2011 - Consciousness and Cognition 20 (4):1425-1432.
    To test if dreams contain remote or never-experienced motor skills, we collected during 6 weeks dream reports from 15 paraplegics and 15 healthy subjects. In 9/10 subjects with spinal cord injury and in 5/5 with congenital paraplegia, voluntary leg movements were reported during dream, including feelings of walking , running , dancing , standing up , bicycling , and practicing sports . Paraplegia patients experienced walking dreams just as often as controls . There was no correlation between the frequency of (...)
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    Dreaming without REM sleep.Delphine Oudiette, Marie-José Dealberto, Ginevra Uguccioni, Jean-Louis Golmard, Milagros Merino-Andreu, Mehdi Tafti, Lucile Garma, Sophie Schwartz & Isabelle Arnulf - 2012 - Consciousness and Cognition 21 (3):1129-1140.
    To test whether mental activities collected from non-REM sleep are influenced by REM sleep, we suppressed REM sleep using clomipramine 50 mg or placebo in the evening, in a double blind cross-over design, in 11 healthy young men. Subjects were awakened every hour and asked about their mental activity. The marked REM-sleep suppression induced by clomipramine did not substantially affect any aspects of dream recall . Since long, complex and bizarre dreams persist even after suppressing REM sleep either partially or (...)
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    Will students pass a competitive exam that they failed in their dreams?Isabelle Arnulf, Laure Grosliere, Thibault Le Corvec, Jean-Louis Golmard, Olivier Lascols & Alexandre Duguet - 2014 - Consciousness and Cognition 29:36-47.
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    Blackout of my nights: Contentless, timeless and selfless report from the night in patients with central hypersomnias.Emma Chabani, Marie Charlotte Vionnet, Romy Beauté, Smaranda Leu-Semenescu, Pauline Dodet & Isabelle Arnulf - 2020 - Consciousness and Cognition 81:102931.