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    Transfer of Object Category Knowledge Across Visual and Haptic Modalities: Experimental and Computational Studies.Ilker Yildirim & Robert A. Jacobs - 2013 - Cognition 126 (2):135-148.
  2.  99
    A Rational Analysis of the Acquisition of Multisensory Representations.Ilker Yildirim & Robert A. Jacobs - 2012 - Cognitive Science 36 (2):305-332.
    How do people learn multisensory, or amodal, representations, and what consequences do these representations have for perceptual performance? We address this question by performing a rational analysis of the problem of learning multisensory representations. This analysis makes use of a Bayesian nonparametric model that acquires latent multisensory features that optimally explain the unisensory features arising in individual sensory modalities. The model qualitatively accounts for several important aspects of multisensory perception: (a) it integrates information from multiple sensory sources in such a (...)
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    Hybrid Models for Achieving and Maintaining Cooperative Symbiotic Groups.İlker Yıldırım & Pınar Yolum - 2009 - Mind and Society 8 (2):243-258.
    Societies are composed of groups that interact. Symbiotic groups are those in which agents complement each other in resources that they have in excess. Symbiotic groups are useful especially when the resources in an environment are distributed unevenly, because they enable agents to trade resources easily. However, for trading to happen successfully, agents in symbiotic groups need to cooperate, i.e., they should be willing to donate resources when appropriate. Similarly, if some agents in a symbiotic group are defectors, they should (...)
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