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Ilaria Cozzaglio
Goethe University Frankfurt
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    Can Power Be Self‐Legitimating? Political Realism in Hobbes, Weber, and Williams.Ilaria Cozzaglio & Amanda R. Greene - 2019 - European Journal of Philosophy 27 (4):1016-1036.
    European Journal of Philosophy, EarlyView.
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    Can Realism Save Us From Populism? Rousseau in the Digital Age.Ilaria Cozzaglio - 2022 - European Journal of Political Theory 21 (2).
    In 2016, the Five Stars Movement, one of the parties currently in power in Italy, launched the ‘Rousseau platform’. This is a platform meant to enhance direct democracy, transparency and the real participation of the people in the making of laws, policies and political proposals. Although ennobled with the name of Rousseau, the 5SM’s redemptive promise has been strongly criticised in the public sphere for being irresponsible and ideological. Political realism, I will argue, can perform both a diagnostic and a (...)
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    Political Realism, Legitimacy, and a Place for External Critique.Ilaria Cozzaglio - 2020 - Philosophy and Social Criticism 47 (10):1213-1236.
    Political realists claim that politics should be regulated by a distinctive political normativity, one that does not rely on external, pre-political moral standards. It is in this sense that they d...
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    Feasibility Beyond Non-Ideal Theory: A Realist Proposal.Ilaria Cozzaglio & Greta Favara - 2021 - Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 25 (3):417-432.
    Some realists in political theory deny that the notion of feasibility has any place in realist theory, while others claim that feasibility constraints are essential elements of realist normative theorising. But none have so far clarified what exactly they are referring to when thinking of feasibility and political realism together. In this article, we develop a conception of the realist feasibility frontier based on an appraisal of how political realism should be distinguished from non-ideal theories. In this realist framework, political (...)
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    Political Realism and the Quest for Political Progress.Ilaria Cozzaglio & Greta Favara - 2022 - Constellations 29 (1):93-106.
    Constellations, Volume 29, Issue 1, Page 93-106, March 2022.
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    Legitimacy Between Acceptance and Acceptability.Ilaria Cozzaglio - 2022 - Social Theory and Practice 48 (1):61-88.
    Political realists argue that the concept of political legitimacy should be linked to subjects’ beliefs, while still offering normative guidance. In this article, I suggest doing so by referring to the concepts of acceptance and acceptability. I argue that a regime is legitimate if its power is accepted by subjects, provided that such acceptance meets the requirements of acceptability: subjects’ beliefs about the regime’s legitimacy need to successfully satisfy three requirements—coherence, fact-sensitivity, and politics-sensitivity—via entering public debate. I rely on pragmatism (...)
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    Editorial ‘Political Normativity. Critical Essays on the Autonomy of the Political’.Carlo Burelli, Ilaria Cozzaglio, Chiara Destri & Greta Favara - 2022 - Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 25 (3):393-396.
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    In Defence of Progressive Political Change: Against Conservative Progress and Other Normative Troubles.Ilaria Cozzaglio - forthcoming - Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy:1-24.
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    The Populist Challenge to European Union Legitimacy: Old Wine in New Bottles?Ilaria Cozzaglio & Dimitrios Efthymiou - forthcoming - Journal of Social Philosophy.
    Journal of Social Philosophy, EarlyView.
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