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Holly Andersen
Simon Fraser University
  1. Mechanisms, Laws, and Regularities.Holly K. Andersen - 2011 - Philosophy of Science 78 (2):325-331.
    Leuridan (2010) argued that mechanisms cannot provide a genuine alternative to laws of nature as a model of explanation in the sciences, and advocates Mitchell’s (1997) pragmatic account of laws. I first demonstrate that Leuridan gets the order of priority wrong between mechanisms, regularity, and laws, and then make some clarifying remarks about how laws and mechanisms relate to regularities. Mechanisms are not an explanatory alternative to regularities; they are an alternative to laws. The existence of stable regularities in nature (...)
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    Hodgson on the Relations Between Philosophy, Science and Time.Holly K. Andersen - forthcoming - British Journal for the History of Philosophy:10.1080/09608788.2022.2046544.
    Shadworth Hodgson offers an account of how philosophy relates to the science, both physical and psychological, in which three different conceptions of time can be identified. He distinguishes the methods of philosophy, involving analysis of the contents of immediate consciousness, and of science, which presumes the existence of world of common sense. Hodgson holds that philosophical analysis of immediate consciousness, or, the analysis of a present moment in experience, provides the ultimate justification for knowledge in science. Time as an object (...)
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    Mental Causation: The Mind-Body Problem. By Anthony Dardis.Holly K. Andersen - 2010 - Metaphilosophy 41 (3):450-455.