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  1. Doing Consciousness Studies at Goddard College.Hillary S. Webb & Francis X. Charet - 2007 - Anthropology of Consciousness 18 (1):51-64.
    In the first part of this article we briefly describe the design and development of a Consciousness Studies concentration at Goddard College, a student centered, progressive educational institution in the northeastern United States. We emphasize the tensions we experienced between different orientations in Consciousness Studies and especially the one related to the scientific and transpersonal ends of the spectrum of consciousness. In the second part, we relate the scientific‐transpersonal issue that we experienced at Goddard to the broader theory and practice (...)
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    Expanding Western Definitions of Shamanism: A Conversation with Stephan Beyer, Stanley Krippner, and Hillary S. Webb.Hillary S. Webb - 2013 - Anthropology of Consciousness 24 (1):57-75.
    Where has the Western attraction to the study and practice of shamanic techniques brought us? Where might it take us? In what ways have our Western biases and philosophical underpinnings influenced and changed how shamanism is practiced, both in the West and in the traditional cultures out of which they emerged? Is it time to stop using the umbrella term “shamanism” to refer to such diverse cross-cultural practices? What are our responsibilities, both as researchers and as spiritual seekers? In this (...)
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    :Intelligence in Nature: An Inquiry into Knowledge.Hillary S. Webb - 2007 - Anthropology of Consciousness 18 (1):116-118.
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    The Use of Peyote as Treatment for Alcoholism within the NAC Community: Reflections on a Study.Hillary S. Webb - 2011 - Anthropology of Consciousness 22 (2):234-244.
    What are the ethical obligations of a researcher who wishes to study another culture's ceremonial practices, in particular those of the Native American Church (NAC)? What promise do peyote and the NAC peyote ceremony show for the treatment of alcoholism amongst NAC members? How does one approach the philosophical issues regarding “consciousness” within the context of such a study? In this interview, Dr. John Halpern, M.D., discusses how the fields of medicine and anthropology converged and informed one another over the (...)
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    Book review: Altered states of consciousness and psi: An historical survey and research prospectus (parapsychological monograph series no. 18). Edward F. Kelly and Rafael G. Locke. [REVIEW]Hillary S. Webb - 2010 - Anthropology of Consciousness 21 (2):224-226.
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    Communitas: The Anthropology of Collective Joy, Edith Turner. New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2012. 258 pp. ISBN 978‐0‐230‐33908‐8, $28. [REVIEW]Hillary S. Webb - 2013 - Anthropology of Consciousness 24 (1):82-84.