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    Weaning and the nature of early childhood interactions among bofi foragers in central Africa.Hillary N. Fouts, Barry S. Hewlett & Michael E. Lamb - 2001 - Human Nature 12 (1):27-46.
    Western scholarly literature suggests that (1) weaning is initiated by mothers; (2) weaning takes place within a few days once mothers decide to stop nursing; (3) mothers employ specific techniques to terminate nursing; (4) semi-solid foods (gruels and mashed foods) are essential when weaning; (5) weaning is traumatic for children (it leads to temper tantrums, aggression, etc.); (6) developmental stages in relationships with mothers and others can be demarcated by weaning; and (7) weaning is a process that involves mothers and (...)
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    Infant crying in hunter-Gatherer cultures.Hillary N. Fouts, Michael E. Lamb & Barry S. Hewlett - 2004 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 27 (4):462-463.
    By synthesizing evolutionary, attachment, and acoustic perspectives, Soltis has provided an innovative model of infant cry acoustics and parental responsiveness. We question some of his hypotheses, however, because of the limited extant data on infant crying among hunter-gatherers. We also question Soltis' distinction between manipulative and honest signaling based upon recent contributions from attachment theory.
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    Parenting and Environmental Risk.Hillary N. Fouts & Lisa S. Silverman - 2015 - Human Nature 26 (1):73-88.
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