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    Foetal personhood and representations of the absent child in pregnancy loss memorialization.Helen Keane - 2009 - Feminist Theory 10 (2):153-171.
    Because mourning and memorializing a miscarriage seems to imply acceptance of foetal personhood, feminists have been reluctant to address the often traumatic but common experience of pregnancy loss. Feminist anthropologists of reproduction have argued that adopting a view of personhood as constructed and negotiated, rather than inherent, solves this dilemma and enables the development of a feminist discourse of pregnancy loss. This article aims to make a critical contribution to such a discourse by analysing representations of lost babies and children (...)
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  2. Disorders of Desire: Addiction and Problems of Intimacy. [REVIEW]Helen Keane - 2004 - Journal of Medical Humanities 25 (3):189-204.
    This essay investigates the tensions produced by the categorization of different forms of excessive desire under the singular model of addiction, and it challenges the increasing acceptance of addiction as an all-purpose explanation for unruly desires through a comparison of the different forms of disordered desire in sex addiction and alcoholism. Moreover, it argues for a broad understanding of addictive processes to undermine the normative and moralizing assumptions of addiction discourses. Refiguring addiction as a kind of intimacy is one way (...)
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    Book Review: High Culture: Reflections on Addiction and Modernity. [REVIEW]Helen Keane - 2007 - Feminist Review 86 (1):201-203.
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