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    Monosynaptic Stretch Reflex Fails to Explain the Initial Postural Response to Sudden Lateral Perturbations.Andreas Mühlbeier, Christian Puta, Kim J. Boström & Heiko Wagner - 2017 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 11.
    Postural reflexes are essential for locomotion and postural stability, and may play an important role in the etiology of chronic back pain. It has recently been theoretically predicted, and with the help of unilateral perturbations of the trunk experimentally confirmed that the sensorimotor control must lower the reflex amplitude for increasing reflex delays to maintain spinal stability. The underlying neuromuscular mechanism for the compensation of postural perturbations, however, is not yet fully understood. In this study, we applied unilateral and bilateral (...)
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    The Contribution of Upper Body Movements to Dynamic Balance Regulation During Challenged Locomotion.Kim J. Boström, Tim Dirksen, Karen Zentgraf & Heiko Wagner - 2018 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 12.
  3. Using Motor Imagery to Access Alternative Attentional Strategies When Navigating Environmental Boundaries to Prevent Freezing of Gait – A Perspective.Daniella How, Heiko Wagner & Michael Brach - 2022 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 16.
    Freezing of gait can cause reduced independence and quality of life for many with Parkinson’s disease. Episodes frequently occur at points of transition such as navigating a doorway. Therapeutic interventions, i.e., drugs and exercise, do not always successfully mitigate episodes. There are several different, but not exclusive causes for freezing of gait. People with freezing of gait are able to navigate dynamic situations like stairways by utilizing a different attentional strategy to over-ground walking, but may freeze when passing through a (...)
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    Delayed Latency of Postural Muscles of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities.J. Walter Tolentino-Castro, Andreas Mühlbeier, Luis Mochizuki & Heiko Wagner - 2018 - Frontiers in Psychology 9.
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