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    Hanna Pitkin's The Concept of RepresentationThe Concept of Representation.Haskell Fain & Hanna Pitkin - 1980 - Noûs 14 (1):109.
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    Student Philosophical Opinions: A Survey.Haskell Fain & E. F. Kaelin - 1960 - Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy 3 (1-4):137 – 152.
    Opinion surveys were taken in an effort to determine the philosophical beliefs of students beginning philosophy. Correlated sets were made of those who took the survey before and after a first course in philosophy; and opinion shifts noted. The acquired information may be of interest to people in various disciplines. The authors tested the semantic usage of certain epistemological terms, the change in religious beliefs, the degree of consistency between general skepticism and particular knowledge claims. Finally, the authors proposed a (...)
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    The Very Thought of Grue.Haskell Fain - 1967 - Philosophical Review 76 (1):61-73.
  4. Book Review:The Logic of Scientific Discovery Karl R. Popper, Julius Freed, Lan Freed. [REVIEW]Haskell Fain - 1961 - Philosophy of Science 28 (3):319-.
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    Hart and Honoré on Causation in the Law.Haskell Fain - 1966 - Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy 9 (1-4):322-338.
    Hart and Honoré contend, in their book Causation in the Law, that causal appraisals in everyday life and in the law can be made, with justifiable confidence, without appealing to relevant general laws; that in order to grasp the workings of causal notions in everyday life and the law, it is sufficient to note that causes are events which interfere with or intervene in the course of events which would normally have taken place. This thesis is criticized on the ground (...)
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  6. Prediction and Constraint.Haskell Fain - 1958 - Mind 67 (July):366-378.
  7. Review. [REVIEW]Haskell Fain - 1981 - History and Theory 20:100-106.
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    Review: Hanna Pitkin's the Concept of Representation. [REVIEW]Haskell Fain - 1980 - Noûs 14 (1):109 - 113.
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    Permissions, Promises, and Political Communities.Haskell Fain - 1978 - Midwest Studies in Philosophy 3 (1):324-349.
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    History as Science.Haskell Fain - 1970 - History and Theory 9 (2):154-173.
    Previous criteria of narrative coherence have failed to come to terms with narrative intelligibility. The principle of chronology is only a negative criterion. The one entity-one story criterion, which requires every episode to~ refer to one and the same entity, fails both in its positive and negative forms. The Aristotelian concept of necessary connection is useless for historians because there are no natural beginnings or endings in history. Yet genetic relationships in narrative, though they cannot be reduced to causal or (...)
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    Some Problems of Causal Explanation.Haskell Fain - 1963 - Mind 72 (288):519-532.
  12. Kenneth Kipnis and Diana T. Meyers Eds., Political Realism and International Morality Reviewed By.Haskell Fain - 1989 - Philosophy in Review 9 (1):25-26.
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    Between Philosophy and History. The Resurrection of Speculative Philosophy of History Within the Analytic Tradition.Haskell Fain - 1970 - Princeton: Princeton University Press.
    This work provides a welcome antidote to some of the distortions and biases which the two dominant schools of Anglo-American philosophical thinking, logical positivism and ordinary language analysis have introduced into the philosophy of history in the past three or four decades. In particular, it challenges two powerful stereotypes: that philosophy and history are conceptually independent of each other; and that there exists a sharp division between "analytical" (reputable) and "speculative" (disreputable) philosophy of history. By offering and defending his own (...)
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    More on the Esse is Percipi Principle.Haskell Fain - 1959 - Theoria 25 (2):65-81.
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    The Idea of the State.Haskell Fain - 1972 - Noûs 6 (1):15-26.
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    Geoffrey Hawthorn, "Plausible Worlds: Possibility and Understanding in History and the Social Sciences". [REVIEW]Haskell Fain - 1993 - History and Theory 32 (1):83.