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  1. Science Without Numbers: A Defence of Nominalism.Hartry H. Field - 1980 - Princeton, NJ, USA: Princeton University Press.
    Science Without Numbers caused a stir in 1980, with its bold nominalist approach to the philosophy of mathematics and science. It has been unavailable for twenty years and is now reissued in a revised edition with a substantial new preface presenting the author's current views and responses to the issues raised in subsequent debate.
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  2. Saving truth from paradox.Hartry H. Field - 2008 - New York: Oxford University Press.
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    Realism, Mathematics & Modality.Hartry H. Field - 1989 - Blackwell.
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    Truth and the absence of fact.Hartry H. Field - 2001 - New York: Oxford University Press.
    Presenting a selection of thirteen essays on various topics at the foundations of philosophy--one previously unpublished and eight accompanied by substantial new postscripts--this book offers outstanding insight on truth, meaning, and propositional attitudes; semantic indeterminacy and other kinds of "factual defectiveness;" and issues concerning objectivity, especially in mathematics and in epistemology. It will reward the attention of any philosopher interested in language, epistemology, or mathematics.
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  5. Logic, Meaning, and Conceptual Role.Hartry H. Field - 1977 - Journal of Philosophy 74 (7):378-409.
  6. Conventionalism and instrumentalism in semantics.Hartry H. Field - 1975 - Noûs 9 (4):375-405.
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    The Nature of Things.Hartry H. Field - 1975 - Philosophical Review 84 (1):97.
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    The Philosophy of Karl Popper. [REVIEW]Hartry H. Field - 1978 - Philosophical Review 87 (1):145.
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