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    Review of The Psychological Attitude of Early Buddhist Philosophy, by Lama Anagarika Govinda ; The Law of Karma: A Philosophical Study, by Bruce R. Reichenbach ; Religious Philosophy of Tagore and Radhakrishnan, by Harendra Prasad Sinha ; Scripture, Canon and Commentary: A Comparison of Confucian and Western Exegesis, by John B. Henderson ; Chan Insights and Oversights: An Epistemological Critique of the Chan Tradition, by Bernard Fauré ; Reason and Tradition in Indian Thought: An Essay on the Nature of Indian Philosophical Thinking, by Jitendra Nath Mohanty ; Avicenna, by L. E. Goodman ; and Becoming Bamboo: Western and Eastern Explorations of the Meaning of Life, by Robert E. Carter. [REVIEW]David Putney, Richard King, Harry Oldmeadow, John Makeham & Whalen Lai - 1995 - Asian Philosophy 5 (1):75-98.
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    Delivering the Last Blade of Grass: Aspects of the Bodhisattva Ideal in the Mahāyāna.Harry Oldmeadow - 1997 - Asian Philosophy 7 (3):181 – 194.
    The ideal of the bodhisattva was crucial in the development of the Mah y na branch of the Buddhist tradition. It provided a meeting ground for cardinal Mah y nist doctrines concerning praj, karun and ś nvat, as well as introducing into Buddhism more overtly religious elements which help to account for its popular appeal in those areas where the Mah y na took hold. The vow of the bodhisattva to forego entry into nirv na until all beings “down to (...)
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    The Comparative Study of Eastern and Western Metaphysics: A Perennialist Perspective.Harry Oldmeadow - 2007 - Sophia 46 (1):49-64.
    The comparative study of Eastern and Western philosophy has been hindered and/or distorted by Eurocentric assumptions about “philosophy”, especially the overvaluation of rationality as an instrument of knowledge. The widespread discounting of Eastern thought derives, in large measure, from the modern Western failure to understand the nature of the traditional metaphysics of both the Occident and the East. This failure can be remedied by recourse to the work of a group of “traditionalist” or “perennialist” thinkers who expose the limitations of (...)
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    Mediations: Essays on Religious Pluralism and the Perennial Philosophy.Harry Oldmeadow - 2008 - Sophia Perennis.
    René Guénon, metaphysician -- Ananda Coomaraswamy and traditional art -- Rudolf Otto, the East, and religious inclusivism -- Mircea Eliade and C.G. Jung: 'priests without surplices'? -- Allen Ginsberg, a Buddhist beat -- Swami Abhishiktananda, Fr. Jules Monchanin, and the Christian-Hindu encounter -- Frithjof Schuon, a sage for the times.
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    Review of Peter Kelly, Buddha in a Bookshop. [REVIEW]Harry Oldmeadow - 2007 - Sophia 46 (3):315-316.
    Keywords Harold Stewart - Peter Kelly - Traditionalist circle in Melbourne PETER KELLY, Buddha in a Bookshop. North Fitzroy, Vic, Australia: Ulysses Press, 2007, 176t viii pp., ISBN: 9780646469775, pb.
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