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    Separating production from perception: perceiver-based explanations for sex differences in emotion.Jennifer Fugate, Harold Gouzoules & Lisa Feldman Barrett - 2009 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 32 (5):394-395.
    In this commentary, we review evidence that production-based (perceiver-independent) measures reveal few consistent sex differences in emotion. Further, sex differences in perceiver-based measures can be attributed to retrospective or dispositional biases. We end by discussing an alternative view that women might appear to be more emotional because they are more facile with emotion language.
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    Loosening the leash: The unique emotional canvas of human screams.Harold Gouzoules, Jonathan W. M. Engelberg & Jay W. Schwartz - 2023 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 46:e10.
    We use screams to explore ideas presented in the target article. Evolving first in animals as a response to predation, screams reveal more complex social use in nonhuman primates and, in humans, uniquely, are associated with a much greater variety of emotional contexts including fear, anger, surprise, and happiness. This expansion, and the potential for manipulation, promotes listener social vigilance.
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    Genetic similarity between friends and lovers: Is an evolutionary view warranted?Harold Gouzoules - 1989 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 12 (3):526-527.
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    In this best of all possible monkey worlds?Harold Gouzoules - 1992 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 15 (1):158-159.