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    Fallacies: Classical and Contemporary Readings.Hans Vilhelm Hansen & Robert C. Pinto (eds.) - 1995 - University Park, PA, USA: Pennsylvania State University Press.
    A major purpose of this book is to make the post-Hamblin work on fallacies available to a wider audience in a single, convenient volume.
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    The Straw Thing of Fallacy Theory: The Standard Definition of 'Fallacy'.Hans Vilhelm Hansen - 2002 - Argumentation 16 (2):133-155.
    Hamblin held that the conception of 'fallacy' as an argument that seems valid but is not really so was the dominant conception of fallacy in the history of fallacy studies. The present paper explores the extent of support that there is for this view. After presenting a brief analysis of 'the standard definition of fallacy,' a number of the definitions of 'fallacy' in texts from the middle of this century – from the standard treatment – are considered. This is followed (...)
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    An Exploration of Johnson's Sense of ‘Argument’.Hans Vilhelm Hansen - 2002 - Argumentation 16 (3):263-276.
    This essay attempts to give definitions and identity conditions for the two predominant senses of ‘Argument’ currently in use, the one involving reasons for a conclusion and the other denoting an expressed disagreement with ensuing verbal behaviour by two parties. I see Johnson's new concept of ‘Argument’, as developed in his book Manifest Rationality, as a hybrid of the two common senses of ‘Argument’, and, accordingly, I try to define and give the identity conditions of Johnson-arguments. Finally, I disagree with (...)
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    Presumptions and burdens of proof: an anthology of argumentation and the law.Hans Vilhelm Hansen (ed.) - 2019 - Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press.
    An anthology of the most important historical sources, classical and modern, on the subjects of presumptions and burdens of proof In the last fifty years, the study of argumentation has become one of the most exciting intellectual crossroads in the modern academy. Two of the most central concepts of argumentation theory are presumptions and burdens of proof. Their functions have been explicitly recognized in legal theory since the middle ages, but their pervasive presence in all forms of argumentation and in (...)
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  5. Mill and pragma-dialectics.Hans Vilhelm Hansen - 2006 - In F. H. van Eemeren, Peter Houtlosser, Haft-van Rees & A. M. (eds.), Considering Pragma-Dialectics: A Festschrift for Frans H. L. Erlbaum Associates.
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    Logic and Misery: Walton's Appeal to Pity.Hans Vilhelm Hansen - 2000 - Informal Logic 20 (2).