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Hakhamanesh Zangeneh
California State University, Stanislaus
  1. Novelty, Temporality, Negativity: Event-Metaphysics with Jean-Luc Nancy.Hakhamanesh Zangeneh - 2010 - Pli 21.
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    Right Outta' Nowhere: Jean-Luc Nancy, Phenomenon and Event Ex Nihilo.Hakhamanesh Zangeneh - 2012 - Continental Philosophy Review 45 (3):363-379.
    This essay proposes to read Jean-Luc Nancy’s references to creation ex nihilo as both an intervention in the French debate concerning eventness, and as a transformative rethinking of the status of phenomenality. Nancy’s position is roughly triangulated relative to key remarks from other thinkers and, above all, its distinctive components (temporality, negativity, spatiality) are elucidated through historical glosses. Articulating the overall architecture of this theory serves to illustrate the Heideggerian access to the event debate. It also deepens aspects only elliptically (...)
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    THE PATHOLOGICAL ORIGINS OF AUTHENTICITY: THE INSTANT ACCORDING TO JASPERS AND JANET IN THE CONTEXT OF HEIDEGGER's BEING AND TIME.Hakhamanesh Zangeneh - 2013 - Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology 44 (3):232-250.
  4. From Jena to Freiburg, Via Asia Minor. [REVIEW]Hakhamanesh Zangeneh - 2013 - Gatherings: The Heidegger Circle Annual 3:88-98.
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  5. From Jena to Freiburg, Via Asia Minor. [REVIEW]Hakhamanesh Zangeneh - 2013 - Gatherings 3:88-98.
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    Phenomenological Problems for the Kairological Reading of Augenblick in Being and Time.Hakhamanesh Zangeneh - 2011 - International Journal of Philosophical Studies 19 (4):539 - 561.
    Abstract In this paper we examine the key phenomena associated with the notion of kairos in Heidegger?s pre?Being and Time writings and show that they all fall short of the methodological constraints and conceptual requirements placed on authentic presence in 1927. Though Heidegger?s early studies of Aristotle and the New?Testament are broadly suggestive of the notion of temporality that is presented in his systematic treatise, none of those earlier texts carry the differentiations within which the Augenblick of Being and Time (...)
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    Book Review: Politics of the One: Concepts of the One and the Many in Contemporary Thought. [REVIEW]Hakhamanesh Zangeneh - 2013 - Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 5.
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    An Impossible Waiting—Reading Derrida's Reading of Heidegger in Aporias.Hakhamanesh Zangeneh - 2013 - MLN 128 (5):1170-1193.