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    Field-Testing the Euro-MCD Instrument: Important Outcomes According to Participants Before and After Moral Case Deliberation.J. C. de Snoo-Trimp, A. C. Molewijk, M. Svantesson, G. A. M. Widdershoven & H. C. W. de Vet - 2020 - HEC Forum 34 (1):1-24.
    Ethics support services like Moral Case Deliberation intend to support healthcare professionals in ethically difficult situations. To assess outcomes of MCD, the Euro-MCD Instrument has been developed. Field studies to test this instrument are needed and have been conducted, examining important outcomes before MCD participation and experienced outcomes. The current study aimed to describe how participants’ perceive the importance of MCD outcomes after MCD; compare these perceptions with those before MCD participation; and test the factor structure of these outcomes. Swedish, (...)
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    Contribution of moral case deliberations to the Moral Craftmanship of prison staff: A quantitative analysis.Marie Huysentruyt, A. I. Schaap, M. M. Stolper, M. Snijdewind, H. C. W. de Vet & A. C. Molewijk - 2023 - International Journal of Ethics Education 8 (2):389-405.
    This study explores the impact of participation in a series of moral case deliberations (MCD) on the moral craftsmanship (MCS) of Dutch prison staff. Between 2017–2020, ten MCDs per team were implemented in three prisons (i.e., intervention group). In three other prisons (i.e., control group) no MCDs were implemented. We compared the intervention and control group using a self-developed questionnaire, administered before (pre-measurement) and after the series of MCDs (post-measurement). Results After the MCDs, participants scored significantly higher on 7 of (...)
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    Conceptualization and Operationalization of the Concept of Moral Craftsmanship.Anne I. Schaap, H. C. W. de Vet, Margreet M. Stolper & A. C. Molewijk - 2024 - Business and Professional Ethics Journal 43 (1):27-54.
    Prison work creates ethical challenges for which a training program was initiated for Dutch prison staff to foster their Moral Craftsmanship (MCS). The concept of MCS is not yet defined and operationalized in literature. This explorative study aims to 1) define MCS, 2) identify conceptual elements of MCS, and 3) develop a measurement tool for MCS. A document and literature study provided input for the definition and selection of conceptual elements related within DCIA policy documents, identifying three conceptual levels of (...)
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    Moral competence, moral teamwork and moral action - the European Moral Case Deliberation Outcomes (Euro-MCD) Instrument 2.0 and its revision process. [REVIEW]J. C. de Snoo-Trimp, H. C. W. de Vet, G. A. M. Widdershoven, A. C. Molewijk & M. Svantesson - 2020 - BMC Medical Ethics 21 (1):1-18.
    BackgroundClinical Ethics Support (CES) services are offered to support healthcare professionals in dealing with ethically difficult situations. Evaluation of CES is important to understand if it is indeed a supportive service in order to inform and improve future implementation of CES. Yet, methods to measure outcomes of CES are scarce. In 2014, the European Moral Case Deliberation Outcomes Instrument (Euro-MCD) was developed to measure outcomes of Moral Case Deliberation (MCD). To further validate the instrument, we tested it in field studies (...)
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