1.  89
    Emotional Reactions to Infidelity.Todd K. Shackelford, Gregory J. LeBlanc & Elizabeth Drass - 2000 - Cognition and Emotion 14 (5):643-659.
  2.  26
    Female Coital Orgasm and Male Attractiveness.Todd K. Shackelford, Viviana A. Weekes-Shackelford, Gregory J. LeBlanc, April L. Bleske, Harald A. Euler & Sabine Hoier - 2000 - Human Nature 11 (3):299-306.
    Female coital orgasm may be an adaptation for preferentially retaining the sperm of males with “good genes.” One indicator of good genes may be physical attractiveness. Accordingly, R. Thornhill, S. W. Gangestad, and R. Comer (1995) found that women mated to more attractive men reported an orgasm during a greater proportion of copulations than did women mated to less attractive men. The current research replicates this finding, with several design variations. We collected self-report data from 388 women residing in the (...)
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  3.  30
    Analyses of Mating Differences Within-Sex and Between-Sex Are Complementary, Not Competing.Todd K. Shackelford, Gregory J. LeBlanc, Richard L. Michalski & Viviana A. Weekes - 2000 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 23 (4):621-621.
    Analyses of between-sex differences have provided a powerful starting point for evolutionarily informed work on human sexuality. This early work set the stage for an evolutionary analysis of within-sex differences in human sexuality. A comprehensive theory of human sexual strategies must address both between-sex differences and within-sex differences in evolved psychology and manifest behavior.
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