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    Oikos and Economy.Gregory Cameron - 2008 - PhaenEx 3 (1):112-133.
    Amongst historians of economics it is generally assumed that while the term economics derives from the Greek term oikonomikos —the theory of household management—the ancient Greeks did not develop what we call economics. This paper traces the relation between the Greek term and the modern—a relation which is generally said not to exist. The paper is a critical theoretical attempt to begin to trace the underlying assumptions of modern economic theory as well as the more general question of the legacy (...)
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    Naturalism and Ideology: Towards a Phenomenology of Political Discourse.Gregory Cameron - 2006 - Thesis Eleven 87 (1):7-18.
    Lefort's ‘Outline of the Genesis of Ideology in Modern Societies’ constitutes an important attempt to reinvigorate the notion of ideology through a critique of the Marxist use of the term while retaining the basic features of Marx's own understanding. In particular, Lefort attempts to understand the transformations through which ideology goes in non-bourgeois social forms. He achieves this primarily through a critique of the naturalism inherent in Marx's understanding of society and ideology. In this article, I argue that Lefort's understanding (...)
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