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  1. Q-spaces and the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics.Graciela Domenech, Federico Holik & Décio Krause - 2008 - Foundations of Physics 38 (11):969-994.
    Our aim in this paper is to take quite seriously Heinz Post’s claim that the non-individuality and the indiscernibility of quantum objects should be introduced right at the start, and not made a posteriori by introducing symmetry conditions. Using a different mathematical framework, namely, quasi-set theory, we avoid working within a label-tensor-product-vector-space-formalism, to use Redhead and Teller’s words, and get a more intuitive way of dealing with the formalism of quantum mechanics, although the underlying logic should be modified. We build (...)
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    A Discussion on Particle Number and Quantum Indistinguishability.Graciela Domenech & Federico Holik - 2007 - Foundations of Physics 37 (6):855-878.
    The concept of individuality in quantum mechanics shows radical differences from the concept of individuality in classical physics, as E. Schrödinger pointed out in the early steps of the theory. Regarding this fact, some authors suggested that quantum mechanics does not possess its own language, and therefore, quantum indistinguishability is not incorporated in the theory from the beginning. Nevertheless, it is possible to represent the idea of quantum indistinguishability with a first-order language using quasiset theory (Q). In this work, we (...)
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    Modal‐type orthomodular logic.Graciela Domenech, Hector Freytes & Christian de Ronde - 2009 - Mathematical Logic Quarterly 55 (3):307-319.
    In this paper we enrich the orthomodular structure by adding a modal operator, following a physical motivation. A logical system is developed, obtaining algebraic completeness and completeness with respect to a Kripkestyle semantic founded on Baer*-semigroups as in [22].
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    Quantum computational logic with mixed states.Hector Freytes & Graciela Domenech - 2013 - Mathematical Logic Quarterly 59 (1-2):27-50.
    In this paper we solve the problem how to axiomatize a system of quantum computational gates known as the Poincaré irreversible quantum computational system. A Hilbert-style calculus is introduced obtaining a strong completeness theorem.
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    Physical Properties as Modal Operators in the Topos Approach to Quantum Mechanics.Hector Freytes, Graciela Domenech & Christian de Ronde - 2014 - Foundations of Physics 44 (12):1357-1368.
    In the framework of the topos approach to quantum mechanics we give a representation of physical properties in terms of modal operators on Heyting algebras. It allows us to introduce a classical type study of the mentioned properties.
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