1.  35
    A Feminist Perspective on Natality Policies in Multicultural Societies.Gila Stopler - 2008 - Law and Ethics of Human Rights 2 (1):1-40.
    Controlling Natality - the ratio of births to the general population - is one of the best means a state has to control its demographic composition. However, the fact that the state has certain interests with regard to the size and composition of its population does not necessarily give it the right to set and pursue natality policies, because such policies can potentially infringe on various human rights such as the rights of women and the rights of minorities. Using a (...)
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  2.  16
    On Conceptual Dichotomies and Social Oppression.Dana Freibach-Heifetz & Gila Stopler - 2008 - Philosophy and Social Criticism 34 (5):515-535.
    Ramat Gan Academic Center of Law and Business, Israel This article aims to expose the philosophical and cultural mechanisms, which allow some forms of western religion (in this case mainstream Christianity) to join hands with western capitalism in the oppression of women and of the needy. Focusing on the example of the USA, this article claims that both mainstream Christian religion and capitalism perpetuate and entrench discrimination against women and the oppression of the needy through the use of the cultural/philosophical (...)
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  3.  23
    Contextualizing Multiculturalism: A Three Dimensional Examination of Multicultural Claims.Gila Stopler - 2007 - Law and Ethics of Human Rights 1 (1):309-353.
    The emergence of multicultural theory and of claims of recognition by cultural, ethnic, and national minorities has brought to the forefront previously neglected aspects of the right to equality. However, when judged on their own, claims for recognition stand the risk of failing to fully capture, and even distorting, the meaning of equality. I suggest that in order to avoid this risk, multicultural claims need to be contextualized. Employing Nancy Fraser’s framework of two dimensions of justice—recognition and redistribution—and adding a (...)
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    The Liberal Bind: The Conflict Between Women’s Rights and Patriarchal Religion in the Liberal State.Gila Stopler - 2005 - Social Theory and Practice 31 (2):191-231.