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Meghdad Ghari
University Of Isfahan
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    Pavelka-Style Fuzzy Justification Logics.Meghdad Ghari - 2016 - Logic Journal of the IGPL 24 (5):743-773.
    Justification logics provide a framework for reasoning about justifications and evidence. In this article, we study a fuzzy variant of justification logics in which an agent’s justification for a belief has certainty degree between 0 and 1. We replace the classical base of justification logics with Hájek’s rational Pavelka logic. We introduce fuzzy possible world semantics with crisp accessibility relation and also single world models for our logics. We establish soundness and graded-style completeness for both kinds of semantics. We also (...)
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    Labeled Sequent Calculus for Justification Logics.Meghdad Ghari - 2017 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 168 (1):72-111.
    Justification logics are modal-like logics that provide a framework for reasoning about justifications. This paper introduces labeled sequent calculi for justification logics, as well as for combined modal-justification logics. Using a method due to Sara Negri, we internalize the Kripke-style semantics of justification and modal-justification logics, known as Fitting models, within the syntax of the sequent calculus to produce labeled sequent calculi. We show that all rules of these systems are invertible and the structural rules (weakening and contraction) and the (...)
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