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    The Cognitive‐Evolutionary Model of Surprise: A Review of the Evidence. [REVIEW]Rainer Reisenzein, Gernot Horstmann & Achim Schützwohl - 2019 - Topics in Cognitive Science 11 (1):50-74.
    Research on surprise relevant to the cognitive-evolutionary model of surprise proposed by Meyer, Reisenzein, and Schützwohl is reviewed. The majority of the assumptions of the model are found empirically supported. Surprise is evoked by unexpected events and its intensity is determined by the degree if schema-discrepancy, whereas the novelty and the valence of the eliciting events probably do not have an independent effect. Unexpected events cause an automatic interruption of ongoing mental processes that is followed by an attentional shift and (...)
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    Coherence between Emotion and Facial Expression: Evidence from Laboratory Experiments.Rainer Reisenzein, Markus Studtmann & Gernot Horstmann - 2013 - Emotion Review 5 (1):16-23.
    Evidence on the coherence between emotion and facial expression in adults from laboratory experiments is reviewed. High coherence has been found in several studies between amusement and smiling; low to moderate coherence between other positive emotions and smiling. The available evidence for surprise and disgust suggests that these emotions are accompanied by their “traditional” facial expressions, and even components of these expressions, only in a minority of cases. Evidence concerning sadness, anger, and fear is very limited. For sadness, one study (...)
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    Surprise capture and inattentional blindness.Gernot Horstmann & Ulrich Ansorge - 2016 - Cognition 157 (C):237-249.
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    Visual search for schematic affective faces: Stability and variability of search slopes with different instances.Gernot Horstmann - 2009 - Cognition and Emotion 23 (2):355-379.
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    Latency and duration of the action interruption in surprise.Gernot Horstmann - 2006 - Cognition and Emotion 20 (2):242-273.
  6. Which processes dominate visual search: Bottom-up feature contrast, top-down tuning or trial history?Stefanie I. Becker, Anna Grubert, Gernot Horstmann & Ulrich Ansorge - 2023 - Cognition 236 (C):105420.
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