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    Semiotic systems with duality of patterning and the issue of cultural replicators.Gerhard Schaden & Cédric Patin - 2017 - History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences 40 (1):4.
    Two major works in recent evolutionary biology have in different ways touched upon the issue of cultural replicators in language, namely Dawkins’ Selfish Gene and Maynard Smith and Szathmáry’s Major Transitions in Evolution. In the latter, the emergence of language is referred to as the last major transition in evolution, a claim we argue to be derived from a crucial property of language, called Duality of Patterning. Prima facie, this property makes natural language look like a structural equivalent to DNA, (...)
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  2. Appropriate Pragmatic Behaviour: Response to Foster-Cohen and Wong.Gerhard Schaden - 2017 - In Raphael Salkie & Ilse Depraetere (eds.), Semantics and Pragmatics: Drawing a Line. Springer Verlag.
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    Present perfects compete.Gerhard Schaden - 2009 - Linguistics and Philosophy 32 (2):115-141.
    This paper proposes a new look at the so-called ‘present-perfect puzzle’. I suggest that it is in fact part of a bigger problem, which also involves simple past tenses. I argue that present perfects compete with simple past tenses, and that the distribution of these tenses shows signs of the impact of this competition. The outcome of the competition is argued to be heavily dependent on which of the two tense-forms is the default. A pragmatic theory is proposed which accounts (...)
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  4. On the temporal use of the focus particle gerade.Gerhard Schaden & Lucia M. Tovena - 2009 - In Arndt Riester & Torgrim Solstad (eds.), Proceedings of Sinn Und Bedeutung 13. pp. 485--498.
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