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  1. Book Review: Foucault and Augustine: Reconsidering Power and Love. [REVIEW]Gerard Loughlin - 2006 - Studies in Christian Ethics 19 (2):258-261.
  2. Sex After Natural Law.Gerard Loughlin - 2003 - Studies in Christian Ethics 16 (1):14-28.
    The Church is a sexed body, in both carnal and symbolic terms. The Church has sex, but being the Church it does so in a radically creative way. This article explores the contrast between sex as imagined by the Church and as imagined by evolutionary psychology (Darwinism). It argues that the latter reduces sex to reproduction (repetition) and makes this a metaphysical principle, whereas the Church transforms sex into a means for final beatitude. (Christian sex is not about self-perpetuation, but (...)
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    Gender Ideology: For a ‘Third Sex’ Without Reserve.Gerard Loughlin - 2018 - Studies in Christian Ethics 31 (4):471-482.
    ‘Gender ideology’ is a term used by many, but especially the Vatican, to chastise the view that sexual difference is more than just male and female, sexuality more than desire of the opposite. Each of the three books discussed in this article defends some version of this supposed ideology; each argues—though in different ways—for the need to move beyond a dimorphic account of sexual difference. Their arguments are taken up and deployed against what is here presented as the ideology of (...)
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    Seeing in the Dark: Plato's Cinema and Christ's Cave.Gerard Loughlin - 2000 - Studies in Christian Ethics 13 (1):33-48.
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    Christianity at the End of the Story or the Return of the Master‐Narrative.Gerard Loughlin - 1992 - Modern Theology 8 (4):365-384.
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    Ecstatic Morality and Sexual Politics: A Catholic and Antitotalitarian Theory of the Body – By G. J. McAleer.Gerard Loughlin - 2009 - Modern Theology 25 (1):144-147.
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    Persons and Replicas.Gerard Loughlin - 1985 - Modern Theology 1 (4):303-319.
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    Making a Better World: Revisiting David Hume with Ian Markham.Gerard Loughlin - 1992 - Modern Theology 8 (3):297-303.
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    Prefacing Pluralism: John Hick and the Mastery of Religion.Gerard Loughlin - 1990 - Modern Theology 7 (1):29-55.