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Geraldine Coggins
Keele University
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    Could there have been nothing?: against metaphysical nihilism.Geraldine Coggins - 2010 - New York: Palgrave-Macmillan.
    Could there have been nothing? is the first book-length study of metaphysical nihilism - the claim that there could have been no concrete objects. It critically analyses the debate around nihilism and related questions about the metaphysics of possible worlds, concrete objects and ontological dependence.
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  2. World and Object: Metaphysical Nihilism and Three Accounts of Worlds.Geraldine Coggins - 2003 - Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 103 (1):353-360.
    The study of metaphysical possibility involves two central questions: What are possible worlds? Is there an empty possible world? In looking at the first question we consider the different accounts of possible worlds—Lewisian realism, ersatzism, etc. In looking at the second question we consider the discussions of metaphysical nihilism, the modal ontological arguments, etc. In this paper I am drawing these two questions together in order to show how the position we hold on one of these issues affects the position (...)
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    Metaphysics.Aviv Hoffman & Geraldine Coggins - 2005 - Philosophical Books 46 (2):163-167.
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  4. Metaphysical nihilism.Geraldine Coggins - 2008 - Philosophical Books 49 (3):229-237.