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    Spinoza in Soviet philosophy: a series of essays, selected and translated, and with an introduction.George Louis Kline - 1952 - Westport, CT: Hyperion Press.
    Spinoza and Judaism, by D.Rakhmian.- Spinoza and materialism, by L.I.Akselrod (Ortodoks) - Spinoza's world-view, by A.M.Déborin.- Spinoza's substance and finite things, by V.K.Brushlinski.- Spinoza's ethical world-view, by S.Y.Volfson.- Spinoza and the state, by I.P.Razumovski.- The historical significance of Spinoza's philosophy, by I.K.Luppol.
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    Alfred North Whitehead: Essays on His Philosophy.George Louis Kline - 1963 - Upa.
    This volume's aim is to clarify, criticize and theoretically develop some of Whitehead's major philosophic ideas and insights. Eighteen distinguished contributors follow Whitehead in his unique attempt to integrate the often disparate concerns of science , art, religion, social life and common sense. They manage to avoid the twin pitfalls of uncritical acceptance and impatient rejection of Whitehead's thought. They delineate Whitehead's indebtedness to and divergence from the philosophic traditions of Plato, Leibniz, Hume, Hegel, Bergson and others. Some of the (...)
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  3. Philosophical Sovietology the Pursuit of a Science.Helmut Dahm, Thomas J. Blakeley & George Louis Kline - 1988
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  4. European Philosophy Today.George Louis Kline - 1965 - Chicago: Quadrangle Books.
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