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    Polarity and Analogy: Two Types of Argumentation in Early Greek Thought.Geoffrey Ernest Richard Lloyd - 1966 - Cambridge University Press.
    Lloyd's classic study investigates two modes of argument and explanation frequently found in Greek writings from Homer through Aristotle: polarity and analogy. Lloyd shows us the extent to which the Greeks before Plato and Aristotle were conscious of theological problems implicit in these modes of argument and explanation, and how Plato laid the groundwork for their analysis.
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  2. Demystifying Mentalities.Geoffrey Ernest Richard Lloyd - 1990 - Cambridge University Press.
    If faraway peoples have different ideas from our own, is this because they have different mentalities? Did our remote ancestors lack logic? The notion of distinct mentalities has been used extensively by historians to describe and explain cultural diversity. Professor Lloyd rejects this psychologising talk of mentalities and proposes an alternative approach, which takes as its starting point the social contexts of communication. Discussing apparently irrational beliefs and behaviour, he shows how different forms of thought coexist in a single culture (...)
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    In the Grip of Disease: Studies in the Greek Imagination.Geoffrey Ernest Richard Lloyd - 2003 - Oxford University Press.
    This original and lively book uses texts from ancient medicine, epic, lyric, tragedy, historiography, philosophy, and religion to explore the influence of Greek ideas on health and disease on Greek thought. Fundamental issues are deeply implicated: causation and responsibility, purification and pollution, the mind-body relationship and gender differences, authority and the expert, reality and appearances, good government, and good and evil themselves.
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    Being, Humanity, and Understanding: Studies in Ancient and Modern Societies.Geoffrey Ernest Richard Lloyd - 2012 - Oxford University Press.
    Humanity between gods and beasts? -- Error -- Ancient understandings reassessed and the consequences for ontologies -- Language and audiences -- Philosophical implications.
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    Plato as a Natural Scientist.Geoffrey Ernest Richard Lloyd - 1968 - Journal of Hellenic Studies 88:78-92.
  6. Ancient Worlds, Modern Reflection: Philosophical Perspectives on Greek and Chinese Science and Culture.Geoffrey Ernest Richard Lloyd - 2004 - Oxford University Press UK.
    Geoffrey Lloyd engages in a wide-ranging exploration of what we can learn from the study of ancient civilisations that is relevant to fundamental problems, both intellectual and moral, that we still face today. How far is it possible to arrive at an understanding of alien systems of belief? Is it possible to talk meaningfully of 'science' and of its various constituent disciplines, 'astronomy', 'geography', 'anatomy', and so on, in the ancient world? Are logic and its laws universal? Is there one (...)
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    A Note on Erasistratus of Ceos.Geoffrey Ernest Richard Lloyd - 1975 - Journal of Hellenic Studies 95:172-175.
  8. Le Savoir Grec: Dictionnaire Critique.Jacques Brunschwig, Geoffrey Ernest Richard Lloyd & Pierre Pellegrin - 1996
    L'immense aventure du savoir grec est encore aujourd'hui la source essentielle à laquelle puise et revient sans cesse notre civilisation. L'ambition de ce livre, élaboré par les plus éminents spécialistes de l'Antiquité et traduit en plusieurs langues depuis sa parution initiale, est de mesurer ce que les Grecs savaient, ce qu'ils croyaient savoir, ce qu'ils ont inventé ; d'analyser le regard qu'ils ont porté sur leur civilisation et sur leurs propres entreprises intellectuelles. Il y est ainsi moins question de leur (...)
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    The Arabic Version of Galen's "De Elementis Secundum Hippocratem".J. S. Wilkie & Geoffrey Ernest Richard Lloyd - 1982 - Journal of Hellenic Studies 102:232-233.
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    The Arabic Version of Galen's De Sectis Ad Eos Qui Introducuntur.J. S. Wilkie & Geoffrey Ernest Richard Lloyd - 1978 - Journal of Hellenic Studies 98:167-169.
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    Parmenides' Sexual Theories: A Reply to Mr. Kember.Geoffrey Ernest Richard Lloyd - 1972 - Journal of Hellenic Studies 92:178-179.
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    The Arabic Version of Galen's Ars Parva.J. S. Wilkie & Geoffrey Ernest Richard Lloyd - 1981 - Journal of Hellenic Studies 101:145-148.