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    Unsustainability of Sustainability: Cognitive Frames and Tensions in Bottom of the Pyramid Projects.Garima Sharma & Anand Kumar Jaiswal - 2018 - Journal of Business Ethics 148 (2):291-307.
    Existing research posits that decision makers use specific cognitive frames to manage tensions in sustainability. However, we know less about how the cognitive frames of individuals at different levels in organization interact and what these interactions imply for managing sustainability tensions, such as in Bottom of the Pyramid projects. To address this omission, we ask do organizational and project leaders differ in their understanding of tensions in a BOP project, and if so, how? We answer this question by drawing on (...)
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    Three Different Approaches to Impact: Translating, Cocreating, and Performing.Garima Sharma & Pratima Bansal - 2022 - Business and Society 61 (4):827-832.
    In 1843, Søren Kierkegaard said, “ It is perfectly true, as philosophers say, that life must be understood backwards. But they forget the other proposition, that it must be lived forwards.” Management researchers are often attracted to the business and society domain because of a desire to impact management practice to create a better world. However, they often do not have the impact that they hope, because researchers tend to rely on historical data, but managers seek insights that inform future (...)
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    Broad Chromatin Domains: An Important Facet of Genome Regulation.Francesco N. Carelli, Garima Sharma & Julie Ahringer - 2017 - Bioessays 39 (12):1700124.
    Chromatin composition differs across the genome, with distinct compositions characterizing regions associated with different properties and functions. Whereas many histone modifications show local enrichment over genes or regulatory elements, marking can also span large genomic intervals defining broad chromatin domains. Here we highlight structural and functional features of chromatin domains marked by histone modifications, with a particular emphasis on the potential roles of H3K27 methylation domains in the organization and regulation of genome activity in metazoans. Chromatin domains are extended genomic (...)
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