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  1. Teaching and learning ethics: Medical ethics and law for doctors of tomorrow: the 1998 Consensus Statement updated.G. M. Stirrat, C. Johnston, R. Gillon & K. Boyd - 2010 - Journal of Medical Ethics 36 (1):55-60.
    Knowledge of the ethical and legal basis of medicine is as essential to clinical practice as an understanding of basic medical sciences. In the UK, the General Medical Council requires that medical graduates behave according to ethical and legal principles and must know about and comply with the GMC’s ethical guidance and standards. We suggest that these standards can only be achieved when the teaching and learning of medical ethics, law and professionalism are fundamental to, and thoroughly integrated both vertically (...)
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    Autonomy in medical ethics after O'Neill.G. M. Stirrat - 2005 - Journal of Medical Ethics 31 (3):127-130.
    Next SectionFollowing the influential Gifford and Reith lectures by Onora O’Neill, this paper explores further the paradigm of individual autonomy which has been so dominant in bioethics until recently and concurs that it is an aberrant application and that conceptions of individual autonomy cannot provide a sufficient and convincing starting point for ethics within medical practice. We suggest that revision of the operational definition of patient autonomy is required for the twenty first century. We follow O’Neill in recommending a principled (...)
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    Ethics and evidence based surgery.G. M. Stirrat - 2004 - Journal of Medical Ethics 30 (2):160-165.
    Traditionally, surgical practice has been experiential and based on the contemporary understanding of basic mechanisms of disease. It was both a science and an art and depended to far too great an extent on the individualism and self belief of its main exponents. “Evidence based medicine” emerged in the 1980s and a new gospel of “Rules of Evidence” was introduced. There is no doubt that the net effect of EBM has been beneficial, but over reliance on randomised controlled trials and (...)
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    The Health Care Professional as Friend and Healer: Building on the work of Edmund Pellegrino: Edited by D Thomasma and J Kissell. Georgetown University Press, 2000, pound46.75, pp 300. 0-87840-810-X. [REVIEW]G. M. Stirrat - 2002 - Journal of Medical Ethics 28 (6):386-386.
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