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    Organization of Festivals and the Dionysiac Guilds.G. M. Sifakis - 1965 - Classical Quarterly 15 (02):206-.
    I. We know fairly well how the City Dionysia at Athens was celebrated in classical times. But although the numerous dramatic festivals of the Hellenistic period were in many respects modelled on the Athenian Dionysia, it is not clear how the performances at these festivals were organized. The difficulty arises from the fact that apart from a few great centres which may have had their own theatre production, playwrights, actors, etc., the majority of cities depended on the travelling of Dionysos’.1 (...)
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    Aristotle, poetics 17, 1455a29–34: People in real life, poets, or spectators in the grip of passion?G. M. Sifakis - 2009 - Classical Quarterly 59 (2):486-.