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G. J. M. W. van Thiel [3]G. J. van Thiel [1]
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    Meaningful Respect for the Autonomy of Persons with “Completed Life”: An Analysis in Light of Empirical Research.G. J. M. W. van Thiel, J. J. M. van Delden, E. J. van Wijngaarden & M. L. Zomers - 2022 - American Journal of Bioethics 22 (2):65-67.
    In the Netherlands, the legalization of assisted suicide for persons with a death wish without severe illness, often referred to as persons with “completed life” or “tiredness of life,” is intensel...
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    The justificatory power of moral experience.G. J. M. W. van Thiel & J. J. M. van Delden - 2009 - Journal of Medical Ethics 35 (4):234-237.
    A recurrent issue in the vast amount of literature on reasoning models in ethics is the role and nature of moral intuitions. In this paper, we start from the view that people who work and live in a certain moral practice usually possess specific moral wisdom. If we manage to incorporate their moral intuitions in ethical reasoning, we can arrive at judgements and (modest) theories that grasp a moral experience that generally cannot be found outside the practice. Reflective equilibrium (RE) (...)
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    The Principle of Respect for Autonomy in the Care of Nursing Home Residents.G. J. van Thiel & J. J. van Delden - 2001 - Nursing Ethics 8 (5):419-431.
    Respect for autonomy is well known as a core element of normative views on good care. Most often it is interpreted in a liberal way, with a focus on independence and self-determination. In this article we argue that this interpretation is too narrow in the context of care in nursing homes. With the aim of developing an alternative view on respect for autonomy in this setting we described four interpretations and investigated the moral intuitions (i.e. moral judgements) of caregivers regarding (...)
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    Phase IV research: innovation in need of ethics.G. J. M. W. van Thiel & J. J. M. van Delden - 2008 - Journal of Medical Ethics 34 (6):415-416.
    Worries about safety of approved drugs have pushed post registration research to become the fastest growing drug research phase. Until recently, phase IV studies were mainly conducted for marketing purposes and run much like a phase III trial—at institutions with experienced investigators and a list of inclusion and exclusion criteria. Innovative phase IV studies involve ordinary physicians in research naïve communities. This brings ethical issues familiar to medical research into clinical practice. As a consequence, individual physicians are challenged to protect (...)
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