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    Aims and harvest of moral case deliberation.Froukje C. Weidema, Bert Ac Molewijk, Frans Kamsteeg & Guy Am Widdershoven - 2013 - Nursing Ethics 20 (6):617-631.
    Deliberative ways of dealing with ethical issues in health care are expanding. Moral case deliberation is an example, providing group-wise, structured reflection on dilemmas from practice. Although moral case deliberation is well described in literature, aims and results of moral case deliberation sessions are unknown. This research shows (a) why managers introduce moral case deliberation and (b) what moral case deliberation participants experience as moral case deliberation results. A responsive evaluation was conducted, explicating moral case deliberation experiences by analysing aims (...)
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    Working towards implementing moral case deliberation in mental healthcare: Ongoing dialogue and shared ownership as strategy.Froukje Weidema, Hans van Dartel & Bert Molewijk - 2016 - Clinical Ethics 11 (2-3):54-62.
    The design and implementation of clinical ethics support is attracting increasing attention. Often, the characteristics and aims of clinical ethics support are translated into practice in a top-down, programmatic manner. These characteristics and aims then remain a constant feature of the clinical ethics support functions within the organisation. We argue that the characteristics of clinical ethics support should be reflected in the implementation strategy. Inspired by dialogical, pragmatic and hermeneutic perspectives on clinical ethics support in general and moral case deliberation (...)
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    Conceptualizing and Fostering the Quality of CES Through a Dutch National Network on CES.Laura Hartman, Guy Widdershoven, Eva van Baarle, Froukje Weidema & Bert Molewijk - 2022 - HEC Forum 34 (2):169-186.
    The prevalence of Clinical ethics support services is increasing. Yet, questions about what quality of CES entails and how to foster the quality of CES remain. This paper describes the development of a national network, which aimed to conceptualize and foster the quality of CES in the Netherlands simultaneously. Our methodology was inspired by a responsive evaluation approach which shares some of our key theoretical presuppositions of CES. A responsive evaluation methodology engages stakeholders in developing quality standards of a certain (...)
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    Fostering the Ethics of Ethics Consultants in Health Care: An Ongoing Participatory Approach.Bert Molewijk, Laura Hartman, Froukje Weidema, Yolande Voskes & Guy Widdershoven - 2015 - American Journal of Bioethics 15 (5):60-62.
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    Implicit and Explicit Clinical Ethics Support in The Netherlands: A Mixed Methods Overview Study. [REVIEW]Linda Dauwerse, Froukje Weidema, Tineke Abma, Bert Molewijk & Guy Widdershoven - 2014 - HEC Forum 26 (2):95-109.
    Internationally, the prevalence of clinical ethics support (CES) in health care has increased over the years. Previous research on CES focused primarily on ethics committees and ethics consultation, mostly within the context of hospital care. The purpose of this article is to investigate the prevalence of different kinds of CES in various Dutch health care domains, including hospital care, mental health care, elderly care and care for people with an intellectual disability. A mixed methods design was used including two survey (...)
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