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    Silence Is Golden. Six Reasons Inhibiting the Spread of Third-Party Gossip.Francesca Giardini & Rafael P. M. Wittek - 2019 - Frontiers in Psychology 10.
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    Four Puzzles of Reputation-Based Cooperation.Francesca Giardini, Daniel Balliet, Eleanor A. Power, Szabolcs Számadó & Károly Takács - 2022 - Human Nature 33 (1):43-61.
    Research in various disciplines has highlighted that humans are uniquely able to solve the problem of cooperation through the informal mechanisms of reputation and gossip. Reputation coordinates the evaluative judgments of individuals about one another. Direct observation of actions and communication are the essential routes that are used to establish and update reputations. In large groups, where opportunities for direct observation are limited, gossip becomes an important channel to share individual perceptions and evaluations of others that can be used to (...)
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    Symposium on ''Cognition and Rationality: Part I'' Relationships between rational decisions, human motives, and emotions. [REVIEW]Cristiano Castelfranchi, Francesca Giardini & Francesca Marzo - 2006 - Mind and Society 5 (2):173-197.
    In the decision-making and rationality research field, rational decision theory (RDT) has always been the main framework, thanks to the elegance and complexity of its mathematical tools. Unfortunately, the formal refinement of the theory is not accompanied by a satisfying predictive accuracy, thus there is a big gap between what is predicted by the theory and the behaviour of real subjects. Here we propose a new foundation of the RDT, which has to be based on a cognitive architecture for reason-based (...)
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