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    Uncovering social structures and informational prejudices to reduce inequity in delivery and uptake of new molecular technologies.Sara Filoche, Peter Stone, Fiona Cram, Sondra Bacharach, Anthony Dowell, Dianne Sika-Paotonu, Angela Beard, Judy Ormandy, Christina Buchanan, Michelle Thunders & Kevin Dew - 2020 - Journal of Medical Ethics 46 (11):763-767.
    Advances in molecular technologies have the potential to help remedy health inequities through earlier detection and prevention; if, however, their delivery and uptake are not more carefully considered, there is a very real risk that existing inequities in access and use will be further exacerbated. We argue this risk relates to the way that information and knowledge about the technology is both acquired and shared, or not, between health practitioners and their patients.A healthcare system can be viewed as a complex (...)
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    A 'parallel process'? Beginning a constructive conversation about a mäori methodology.Fiona Cram, Hazel Phillips, Bevan Tipene-Matua, Murray Parsons & Katrina Taupo - 2004 - Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 1 (1):14-19.
    This paper documents the beginning of a conversation about what it means to be Mäori within a larger, mainstream research project. This larger project was conceived by a team of researchers that included a Mäori principal investigator, and funding was gained from a funding agency that has established criteria for Mäori responsiveness. The Mäori component of the project was, however, not initially conceived of as separate from the non-Mäori component. Discussions about this were initiated approximately one year into the project (...)
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