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    Courtesy or integrity: what constitutes a stakeholder-caring image?Hung Fai Sunny Chan, Felix Tang & Kwan Yu Karen Yeung - 2023 - Asian Journal of Business Ethics 12 (2):257-284.
    It is not uncommon for business institutions to position themselves as stakeholder-caring companies or organizations. However, there is little research on conceptualizing stakeholder-caring as a component of brand image. Through a theoretical lens of brand-consumer interactions, this paper introduces a new construct—stakeholder-caring image—and proposes a model that examines stakeholder-caring’s antecedents (integrity and courtesy) and its consequence (customer satisfaction). The two antecedents—integrity and courtesy—capture intrinsic and extrinsic aspects of brand-consumer interaction practice, respectively, while the consequence (customer satisfaction) is one important behavioral (...)
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    Can customer loyalty be explained by virtue ethics? The Chinese way.Kenneth K. Kwong, Felix Tang, Vane-ing Tian & Alex L. K. Fung - 2015 - Asian Journal of Business Ethics 4 (1):101-115.
    Virtue ethics is regarded as the key in search of moral excellence among corporations. Yet, there are limited works to empirically investigate what virtuous character morally good corporations is expected to exhibit in the course of business from the perspective of customers. To fill this gap, we argue that customers are to evaluate firm’s virtuous character using Confucian cardinal virtues (ren, yi, and li) and perceived virtuousness determines customer loyalty. We test this argument using a sample of 276 Hong Kong (...)
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    Long-term evolution of business ethics in Hong Kong.Tsun Se Cheong, Felix Tang, Andy Cheng, Michal Wojewodzki & Sunny Chan - 2023 - International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics 1 (1):1.