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Felipe Nogueira de Carvalho
Federal University of Minas Gerais
  1. Olfactory Objects.Felipe Carvalho - 2014 - Disputatio 6 (38):45-66.
    The philosophy of perception has been mostly focused on vision, to the detriment of other modalities like audition or olfaction. In this paper I focus on olfaction and olfactory experience, and raise the following questions: is olfaction a perceptual-representational modality? If so, what does it represent? My goal in the paper is, firstly, to provide an affirmative answer to the first question, and secondly, to argue that olfaction represents odors in the form of olfactory objects, to which olfactory qualities are (...)
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    A contribuição dos estudos críticos da branquitude para a compreensão do preconceito racial no campo da psicologia social.Felipe Carvalho & Lia Vainer Schucman - 2022 - Quaderns de Psicologia 24 (1):e1760.
    Este artigo tem como objetivo apresentar as principais abordagens em que a psicologia social clássica norte-americana teorizou sobre o preconceito racial, o racismo e o antirracismo e, a partir delas, trazer os estudos críticos da branquitude como possibilidades para superar os limites identificados nessa corrente, que ora apresenta um indivíduo fora da estrutura, ora a estrutura sem indivíduos. Para isto, neste artigo definimos três abordagens propostas pela psicologia social norte-americana: teste de associação implícita (Greenwald & Banaji 2013); teoria do contato (...)
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    How Shallow is Fear? Deepening the Waters of Emotion with a Social/ Externalist Account.Felipe Carvalho - forthcoming - Journal of Philosophy of Emotion.
    In The Deep History of Ourselves, Joseph Ledoux distinguishes between behavioral and physiological responses caused by the activation of defense circuits, and the emotion we call ‘fear’. Although the former is found in nearly all bilateral animals, the latter is supposedly a unique human adaptation that requires language, reflective self-awareness, among other higher-level cognitive capacities. In this picture, fear is an autonoetic conscious experience that happens when defense circuit activation is integrated into self-awareness and the experience labeled with the ‘fear’ (...)
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    Perception, Attention and Demonstrative Thought: In Defense of a Hybrid Metasemantic Mechanism.Felipe Nogueira de Carvalho - 2020 - Manuscrito 43 (2):16-53.
    Demonstrative thoughts are distinguished by the fact that their contents are determined relationally, via perception, rather than descriptively. Therefore, a fundamental task of a theory of demonstrative thought is to elucidate how facts about visual perception can explain how these thoughts come to have the contents that they do. The purpose of this paper is to investigate how cognitive psychology may help us solve this metasemantic question, through empirical models of visual processing. Although there is a dispute between attentional and (...)
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    The Influence of Color on the Consumer’s Experience of Beer.Felipe Reinoso Carvalho, Pieter Moors, Johan Wagemans & Charles Spence - 2017 - Frontiers in Psychology 8.
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