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    Compliance Codes and Women Workers’ (Mis)representation and (Non)recognition in the Apparel Industry of Bangladesh.Fahreen Alamgir & Ozan N. Alakavuklar - 2020 - Journal of Business Ethics 165 (2):295-310.
    This paper explores how women workers in Bangladeshi garment factories are misrecognised and not represented in the apparel industry through focussing on two enacted collective compliance measure agreements adopted by global brands to improve safety and working conditions. Our paper draws on Amartya Sen’s rights-based approach to capabilities as a means of explaining the narratives of women trade union leaders and the experiences of women factory workers’ status in their workplace and in the industry. Specifically, we examine how a strategy (...)
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    Ethics of Resistance in Organisations: A Conceptual Proposal.Ozan Nadir Alakavuklar & Fahreen Alamgir - 2018 - Journal of Business Ethics 149 (1):31-43.
    This study suggests a conceptual proposal to analyse the ethics of resistance in organisations, drawing on Foucault’s practising self as a refusal and Schaffer’s ethics of freedom in opposition to the legitimacy of managerial control and the ethics of compliance. We argue that ethics is already part of such politics in the form of ethico-politics on the basis of participation in political action in organisations. Hence, the practising self as resistance in the face of the status quo of managerial power (...)
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    Challenges and Insights from South Asia for Imagining Ethical Organizations: Introduction to the Special Issue.Fahreen Alamgir, Hari Bapuji & Raza Mir - 2022 - Journal of Business Ethics 177 (4):717-728.
    South Asia is a region that two billion world citizens call home. It connotes not only a geographical place but a discursive space that, despite its heterogeneities of ethnicity and political experience, is joined at the hip by a shared experience of colonialism, sovereignty, and globalized neoliberalism. As a result, South Asia is also a site of aspiration and struggle, as well as emancipation and exploitation. Research in business ethics has not adequately addressed the challenges faced by this region, and (...)
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