1. Legal Positivism and the African Legal Tradition.F. U. Okafor - 1984 - International Philosophical Quarterly 24 (2):157-164.
  2.  12
    Igbo Philosophy of Law.F. U. Okafor - 1992 - Fourth Dimension Pub. Co..
    This is a first attempt at the philosophical articulation and projection of the Igbo concept of law and the role of law in the traditional environment. In the Igbo traditional setting, the rules of law are uncodified. The author, who teaches philosophy of law and logic at the University of Nigeria, defines the law of a given community as the body of rules recognised as binding by its members. On this concept of law, he has based his attempt to elucidate (...)
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  3. Game without Rules: Confronting the Problem of Lawless Rulers in Africa.F. U. Okafor - 2003 - In J. Obi Oguejiofor (ed.), Philosophy, Democracy, and Responsible Governance in Africa. Delta Publications. pp. 579--585.
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    A philosophic reflection on african native laws.F. U. Okafor - 1988 - Journal of Value Inquiry 22 (1):39-52.