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    Demonstrating ‘respect for persons’ in clinical research: findings from qualitative interviews with diverse genomics research participants.Stephanie A. Kraft, Erin Rothwell, Seema K. Shah, Devan M. Duenas, Hannah Lewis, Kristin Muessig, Douglas J. Opel, Katrina A. B. Goddard & Benjamin S. Wilfond - 2021 - Journal of Medical Ethics 47 (12):e8-e8.
    The ethical principle of ‘respect for persons’ in clinical research has traditionally focused on protecting individuals’ autonomy rights, but respect for participants also includes broader, although less well understood, ethical obligations to regard individuals’ rights, needs, interests and feelings. However, there is little empirical evidence about how to effectively convey respect to potential and current participants. To fill this gap, we conducted exploratory, qualitative interviews with participants in a clinical genomics implementation study. We interviewed 40 participants in English or Spanish (...)
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    IRB practices and policies regarding the secondary research use of biospecimens.Aaron J. Goldenberg, Karen J. Maschke, Steven Joffe, Jeffrey R. Botkin, Erin Rothwell, Thomas H. Murray, Rebecca Anderson, Nicole Deming, Beth F. Rosenthal & Suzanne M. Rivera - 2015 - BMC Medical Ethics 16 (1):32.
    As sharing and secondary research use of biospecimens increases, IRBs and researchers face the challenge of protecting and respecting donors without comprehensive regulations addressing the human subject protection issues posed by biobanking. Variation in IRB biobanking policies about these issues has not been well documented.
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    An empirical assessment of the short-term impacts of a reading of Deborah Zoe Laufer's drama Informed Consent on attitudes and intentions to participate in genetic research.Erin Rothwell, Jeffrey R. Botkin, Sydney Cheek-O'Donnell, Bob Wong, Gretchen A. Case, Erin Johnson, Trent Matheson, Alena Wilson, Nicole R. Robinson, Jared Rawlings, Brooke Horejsi, Ana Maria Lopez & Carrie L. Byington - 2018 - AJOB Empirical Bioethics 9 (2):69-76.
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